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Best practice Fondazione Politecnico di Milano: "Polisocial Award - 4Growing"

Best practice Fondazione Politecnico di Milano: "Polisocial Award - 4Growing"

Il progetto segnalato si inserisce nell'ambito dell'Innovazione.

The  aim  of the  proposed research  project, funded through the POLISOCIAL AWARD,  is the  analysis  and the  design  of  a  hybrid generation system able to  cover the energy needs for a rural village. Such generation
system combines renewable and/or alternative sources and storage systems. The project
has a general value: it analyses both the case of absence of a generation system and the
case of presence of pre‐existing grid; the goal is to develop a hybrid platform able to
manage all the resources already available together with new ones. A prototype of the converter will be realized and tested in cooperation with Dar es Salaam Institute of Technology (Tanzania) within the electric plant of the Ngarenanyuki secondary school.

Target del progetto: Ngarenanyuki secondary school

Partner del progetto: Politecnico di Milano – Dipartimenti di Energia, Meccanica e Ingegneria Gestionale

Per informazioni sul progetto: polisocial@polimi.it